• SAQA has a large fleet of self-owned equipment suitable for performing any type of work ranging from the smallest of accessories and specialized parts to tractors, loaders, motor graders, compactors, backhoes, dump trucks and excavators.
  • Reconstruction of Al Rasheed Road (Package 3) from Beirut Rounabout to Omar Bin Abd AlAziz Street Rehabilitation and road construction 1.8 km long; with all new infrastructure.
  • Reconstruction of Salah El Deen Road (Package 1) from Rafah crossing till bani Suhaila Intersection Rehabilitation and road construction 12.6 km long; with all new infrastructure.
  • Construction of Multi-Story Block of Flats in Palestine/Gaza Construction of 20 multi-story apartment buildings, each building has 4 floors with a total area of 427m2 per floor. Which will be built on total area of about 20,000m2.

SAQA is a Palestinian full-service general construction contractor and construction management firm headquartered in Gaza, with a branch in Ramallah, and is classified and licensed as a Grade “First A” company by the Palestinian Contractors Union. SAQA has the experience, capabilities, staff, and resources to successfully execute a wide range of construction projects in Gaza and the West Bank,read more…

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SAQA currently has a staff of more than 30 full-time employees, which is supplemented by a large pool of part-time employees and skilled tradespersons and specialists when project needs dictate. Our staff comprises several individuals with over 20 years of professional experience in the construction industry. This includes engineers, schedulers, estimators, cost control specialists, safety experts and QA/QC specialists who have completed numerous projects in all forms of construction.

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