Constructing Our Future


SAQA is a Palestinian full-service general construction contractor and construction management firm headquartered in Gaza, with a branch in Ramallah, and is classified and licensed as a Grade “First A” company by the Palestinian Contractors Union. SAQA has the experience, capabilities, staff, and resources to successfully execute a wide range of construction projects in Gaza and the West Bank.

The SAQA team’s ability to assure and deliver quality performance is not only based on a proven track record of construction projects worth up to US $180 Million, but also on their ability to develop strategies for effective and sustainable management for the timely completion of any project to the client’s desire.

Our unique history of working with diverse clients has led to our advanced expertise in various areas including road construction, electromechanical works, infrastructure works, and large building construction projects.

Recent Won Projects

  • Client: ANERA
  • Donor: USAID
  • Duation: 90 days

Scope: The project aims to upgrade the main road (road # 8) that serves 4,000 individuals of Al Mosaddar neighborhood to access their resident area and moving out to other areas. The total upgrading road is about 900m length with a width of 5m of asphalt (7m Base course).

  • Client: CMWU
  • Duration: 120 days
  • Donor: JICA

Sewer Network:
(a) Installation of uPVC pipe 250mm (10” equivalent pipe) (0.15km), 200mm (8” equivalent) (2.0km), and 150mm (6” equivalent) (2.0km),
(b) Installation of manholes with internal diameter(ID) of 1.0m(80pcs), with ID of 0.8m(200pcs) and with ID of 0.6m (100pcs), and
(c) Instatement of interlock tiles (100m2) and asphalt pavement (100m2).

  • Client: CMWU
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Donor: Program of the Gulf Cooperation Council for• the Reconstruction of Gaza in Cooperation with Islamic Development Bank (GCC-IDB)

Construction of Carrier Line 1 km 800mm concrete pipe and Pumping Station

  • Client: Right to Live Association
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Donor: Right to Live Association

Executing extension works at the building of the Right to Live Association

  • Client: Ministry of Housing and Public Works
  • Funded by: Consulate of the U.S. government
  • Duration: 15 months

The proejct include the civil and finishing works


Ongoing Projects

  • Client: Ministry of Housing and Public Works
  • Start Date: April 2013
  • Finish Date: July 2014

Scope: The project consists of reconstruction of the road from Rafah crossing point to Bani Suhaila Intersection. This package (Package 1) includes installing a storm water network, installing a drainage network and the installation of a high-voltage electricity network.

  • Client: Ministry of Housing and Public Works
  • Start Date: Dec. 2013
  • End Date: Nov. 2014

The Reconstruction of Al-Rasheed Street – Phase III is one of the most important strategic projects in the Gaza Strip. It is the only coastal road in the Strip and therefore connects all parts of the Gaza Strip together. This project comes as part of a package donated by His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa, Emir of Qatar, may God protect him.
Scope of Work:

  • Paving 1800 linear meters beginning from the Chalets area until Ahmed Abdelaziz St. with a width of 40 meters
  • Installing drainage and rainwater filtering network
  • Extending water systems network
  • Sewage systems works
  • Installing communications network
  • Installing complete lighting network for the road
  • Works for high pressure electricity network

Clients and Partners