About SAQA

SAQA is a full-service Palestinian general construction contractor and construction management firm headquartered in Gaza City, with a branch in Ramallah. SAQA is classified and licensed as a grade “First A” company by the Palestinian Contractors Union. As demonstrated throughout our proposal, SAQA has the experience, capabilities, staff, and resources to successfully execute a wide range of construction projects in Gaza Strip and the West Bank.


SAQA has substantial experience in managing a wide range of construction services, which includes projects in the areas of:

  • Transportation infrastructure (e.g., roads, streets, and highways)
  • Utility infrastructure (e.g., water, sewer and drainage/storm water systems, pump stations, treatment plants and other facilities)
  • Solid waste (e.g., debris removal, landfills, and sanitation)
  • Vertical infrastructure/buildings
  • Procurement (e.g., equipment, materials and resources)
  • Electrical and power systems


SAQA’s owners maintain key ownership positions with numerous other companies. Some of these companies provide services and functions that are complementary and/or supportive to SAQA.

Four of SAQA’s sister companies are in the field of construction, and their respective ownership percentages are:


The SAQA team’s ability to assure and deliver quality performance is not only based on a proven track record of construction projects worth up to US $180 Million, but also on their ability to develop strategies for effective and sustainable management for the timely completion of any project to the client’s desire.