SAQA Family

SAQA currently has a staff of more than 30 full-time employees, which is supplemented by a large pool of part-time employees and skilled tradespersons and specialists when project needs dictate. Our staff comprises several individuals with over 20 years of professional experience in the construction industry. This includes engineers, schedulers, estimators, cost control specialists, safety experts and QA/QC specialists who have completed numerous projects in all forms of construction.

SAQA employees are assembled in teams, which are proficient in reading, writing and communicating in English, and have collective knowledge and skills that enable them to solve work related problems efficiently.  This management structure creates flexibility and freedom within the organization and creates a dynamic atmosphere in which every employee develops a sense of thorough teamwork, which helps in meeting new and demanding tasks.

This spirit of creativity and freedom of thinking is the foundation of SAQA’s plan for future success.

Identification of the activities, required resources and responsibilities needed to complete tenders are supported by provisions of quality control that provide assurance of timely performance of high quality. Our proposed management style coupled with our experienced management team will deliver any required project on time, on budget and as per specifications.

SAQA Departments

  1. Logistics Department
  2. Engineering Department
  3. Project Management Department
  4. Procurement Department
  5. Financial and Accounting Department
  6. Human Resources Department

Our employees strive to meet and exceed expectations within any endeavor the company embarks upon.