Our policies for health and safety are given utmost importance throughout the lifetime of our projects. We design safety plans for each project, taking into consideration the specific nature of the project deliverables. Safety engineers are chosen very carefully for this precise task.

  • Procedures and precautions
    Policies and procedures are available highlighting the specific measures that should be taken to provide protection and to mitigate risks. Seeing that our projects encompass a wide variety of work scopes, different safety procedures need to be put in place depending on the nature of each specific project.
  • Health
    The health of our employees is of utmost importance to us.  First aid kits and personal protective equipment are available for staff on-site at all times. We strive to achieve distinction in health standards.
  • Safety
    When project decisions are made, safety measures are considered first and foremost. We are firmly aware of our responsibility for the safety of not only our own staff, materials and equipment, but for the public that benefits from our work as well; we do not take this responsibility lightly.

Safety Guidelines

SAQA always insure that employees and workers clearly understand their defined roles and are equipped with the necessary safety equipment needed in order to safely complete their designated tasks.  Emergency contact numbers are provided for staff at all times.

Employment in the construction sector entails laborers to be subjected to the following:

  • Handling of power tools
  • Constant movement in difficult positions
  • Vibration and repetitive movements
  • Forceful use of the back and upper and lower extremities

SAQA strives to prevent work-related injuries in construction by implementing the following in each project:

  • Submitting safety plan to the owner
  • Employing safety engineers
  • Training selected workers
  • Providing personal protective equipment (helmets, vests, safety shoes, eye protection and gloves) and First Aid kits.
  • Provide the awareness about injuries in the construction sites in coordination with Ministry of Health and Civil Defense
  • In the unfortunate event of accidents, Insurance and compensation are paid for the injured worker when it is classified as moderate or high