Arab Heavy Equipment Company LTD. (AHECO)


The Arab Heavy Equipment Company (AHECO) was founded in 2003 as the first company in Palestine specializing in the field of heavy machinery and equipment rentals to companies in the construction sector, to individuals, or to the government.

AHECO owns several pieces of heavy and light equipment in a variety of sizes and for multiple uses such as for drilling, dredging, transporting, lifting, and other infrastructure work. AHECO’s machines and equipment are subject to routine maintenance checks and operations by specialized engineers and technicians to ensure that they are always ready at all times.

It is company policy that a maintenance team specialized in examining machinery must perform regular follow-up checks on the rented equipment at the work-site and to repair any malfunction or defect that may occur during the course of the work, without needing to transfer anything to AHECO’s workshop.

Our goal is to always provide the best services to our customers and to provide the necessary facilities while maintaining competitive prices that are affordable to everyone.