Sample of Recently Executed Infrastructure Projects

SAQA has executed a large pool of infrastructure projects in Gaza Strip and West Bank, here are a sample of these projects:

Eastren Hebron Bulk Water Supply Project – 4A

Client USAID
Owner Palestinian water authority (PWA)
Project Start Sep. 2004
Project End Oct. 2007
Value $4,410,000

Scope of Work:
Construction about 29,500Km of ductile iron pipes (400mm & 500mm) with 40 bar working pressure with all related valves, fittings, and chambers.
Supplying and installing about 5,000Km of 500mm welded steel transmission pipe line (16 bar working pressure) including fittings, and chambers.
Construction of 2 potable water pump stations, equipping 2 groundwater wells, the construction of one potable water reservoir, and all work necessary to make the connections to transmission system to provide a complete water supply system. And Installation of 6Km steel pipes DN 20″.

Nuba Idna Water System – TO #9

Client USAID
Owner Palestinian water authority (PWA)
Project Start November 2008
Project End September, 2009
Value $9,300,000

Scope of Work:
Nuba Idna consists of four major tasks:
 Nuba-Idna Water Transmission Main: Supplying & Installing of 150mm, 200mm and 300mm DIP for 11.50Km
 Bait Ula Water Reservoir: Construction of 1000m3 ground reservoir.
 Rehabilitation of Tarqumia Reservoir: rehabilitation of the existing reservoir, including fittings & ladders, as well as the water level indicator and landscaping.
 Rehabilitation of Tarqumia Water Distribution Network: rehabilitation of the existing network and installation of new networks of welded steel pipes
 (150mm, 100mm & 75mm) and galvanized steel pipes (50mm).

Well Station Rehabilitation Project TO 28

Client USAID
Owner Palestinian water authority (PWA)
Project Start Nov. 2009
Project End July 2011
Value $7,267,025

Scope of Work:
The works consist of rehabilitation for three wells PWA3, PWA11 and Hundaza, the work consist of replacing the existing pump by new one, adding surge system to the existing, replacing chlorination system, submersible pumps, motors, vertical and horizontal pumps by new, also updating the electrical system.

Eastern Hebron Bulk Water Supply Project -4C

Client ICRC- International Committee of the Red Cross
Owner Ministry of General Works
Project Start Aug. 2007
Project End June 2008
Value $9,000,000

Scope of Work:
The work includes the supply and construction, and installation and startup of mechanical and electrical systems, and operation and maintenance for the Eastern Hebron Bulk Water Supply Project including equipment for two production wells, two booster-pumping stations, an electrical power supply and SCADA system.

Northern Gaza Emergency Sewage Treatment Project -Construction of Sewage Effluent Infiltration Basins Project

Client Palestinian water Authority (PWA)
Owner Palestinian water Authority (PWA)
Project Start April , 2007
Project End April , 2010
Value $5,714,705.00

Scope of Work:
Excavation about 950,000 m3 of clay and forming of 9 infiltration basins with total area of 81000 m2 including laying Geotextile and Macadam, Plantation and Asphalt road
Supply and install D.I pipes (280m Ø1200 mm, 360m Ø 1000 mm, 30m Ø 800mm
,981m Ø 700mm) and it’s fittings and valves

Gaza 140 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

Client ABB Alstom
Project Start 1999
Project End M2002
Value 1999

Scope of Work:

 Construction of a cooling tower
 Construction of a pumping station
 Construction of an area for fuel storage
 Construction of foundations for turbines
 Construction of storage & administration buildings