Al Amal Company for Asphalt (ACA)


Al Amal Company for Asphalt (ACA) was founded in 2005 as a private shareholding company with a working capital of 1.5 Million Dollars. Its factory was established in the Johr Al Dik area east of Gaza City on a 4000m2 piece of land near No. 4 Road.

Al Amal is the most advanced asphalt company in the Gaza Strip and its machinery was produced by the Italian company “SIM”, the most well-known company worldwide for producing asphalt. Al-Amal factory owns the most modern equipment for laying and installing asphalt in the Gaza Strip; in addition, it owns a unique electronic scale used for weighing raw materials and finished asphalt. The factory is capable to produce about 150 tons of asphalt per hour, which translates to the ability to produce and lay 1200 tons of asphalt in one day.

Al Amal’s production factory is committed to ensuring its work is of the highest quality and performs tests and examinations on raw materials prior to production as well as on the finished asphalt product after the laying and installing is complete.

A highly experienced team of engineers, technicians, and laborers work on manufacturing and installing the asphalt